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We carry out the elaboration of Financial Management Reports (Financial Benchmarking with the Industry), Prospective Financial Analysis Reports of the Business, Valuation of Companies and Intangible Assets, Investment Reports, and Valuation of overdue Credit Portfolio or in Judicial Collection.

Financial Management Reports - Benchmarking of the Industry

Businecon ™ offers the business community the preparation of financial management reports based on the benchmarking of the main management indicators of the company with those of the main companies in the same business activity, locally, regionally and globally . Among the advantages offered by this type of reports are:

• Allow comparing the company's management indicators in relation to the main companies in similar businesses at a local, regional and global level.

• Identify strengths and weaknesses of the company in relation to the local, regional and global market, in order to adopt strategic changes that allow reaching the optimal indicators of the company's industry, improving its profitability.

• Analyze of similar business profitability indicators in other markets (regional and global) in order to identify investment opportunities.


Prospective Financial Analysis Reports

Businecon ™ offers prospective financial analysis reports that allow projecting the company's financial statements in certain scenarios to analyze compliance with the company's financial management objectives. Among the advantages offered by this type of reports are:

• Periodic monitoring of the indicators of the company's financial management.

• Analyze the changes of the company's profitability indicators before the implementation of investment or divestment plans of the company.

• Evaluate the effect on profitability indicators of possible changes in the economy, financial conditions, among others.


Valuation of Companies and Intangible Assets

Businecon ™ offers a wide range of valuation services that include: valuation of companies in progress, business units, assets, intangible assets (trademarks, know how, franchises, among others) and transactional services for local and international companies.

Among the advantages of having a business valuation reports are:

• To know the market value of a company or a business unit to buy or sell shares.

• To require fund in the capital market.

• To know the prospective value of the company's business projects.

• To know the market value of the company, net of the value of its intangible assets.


Also, among the advantages of having a report on the valuation of intangible assets are:

• To know the market value for the disposal (sell, leasing or franchising) of an intangible asset such as a commercial brand or the "know how" of the business.

• To know how much to charge for royalty for the use of your own brand or a franchise.

• To provide support for external financing of the company.

• Determine the value added by the brand in the price of a product.


Investment Reports

Businecon ™ offers the business community and individual’s profitability and risk reports of the main investment instruments available in the local and international market. Among the advantages of this type of report is that it is prepared according to the investment preferences and the degree of risk proneness of each company or individual, with periodic updates.


Valuation of Overdue Credit Portfolio

Businecon ™ carries out the elaboration of valuation reports of accounts receivable in a doubtful collection situation or in judicial collections, applying methodologies accepted by accounting standards.

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