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Shared Goals

Businecon™ focuses on the business of each of its clients as its own. We believe that a consulting company should be more than just a consultant. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes, align our motivation with their objectives and collaborate to develop the full potential of their business. This creates deep and lasting relationships with our clients.



Consistent Results

Consistent results mean pragmatic results, action-oriented, lasting and repeatable. These require tailored solutions, which are not limited to the boundaries of functional departments, industries, geographies, or hierarchies.

In corporate finance, our services focus on providing innovative solutions to current economic and financial problems of companies, institutions and private individuals, making the most of the use of available resources of the company and its environment, with a creative team work. Thus, our approach allows us to serve in the best possible way.

“We search to propose useful solutions that facilitate or improve the economic and financial management of companies, institutions, and private individuals”.

In transfer pricing, our services focus on providing consultancy that complies with the fiscal requirements according to the specific tax laws of the different countries where the companies operate. Our advice is practical, we don’t apply a theoretical approach. Instead, we assist companies in the implementation of transfer pricing policies within their systems and are simple enough to be managed throughout the years. At the same time, we offer advice after the transfer pricing reports have been completed, staying available to assist our clients with financial and fiscal audits that may occur.

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